Little Lake Joseph Association- Vision/Mission:

The Little Lake Joseph Association is a volunteer run organization of property owners on the shores of Little Lake Joseph in Seguin Township, Ontario. It is dedicated to ensuring that Little Lake Joseph remains clean, safe, and enjoyable for its residents and visitors. The Little Lake Joseph Association is member driven, managed by an annually elected Board of Directors which oversees activities such as water quality testing, annual newsletters, directories, communication vehicles, social events, and political advocacy.

The Little Lake Joseph Association is committed to ensuring that the natural beauty and cleanliness of Little Lake Joseph is preserved for generations to come while helping to ensure that its residents and visitors can enjoy their favourite activities in a respectful and cooperative manner.


Cottage Association Communications Toolkit June 2016


MPAC Video’s


A New Property Assessment Notice – Residential Notices will be mailed on July 11th for Parry Sound/Muskoka District(s) with Business Notices mailed in October.

MPAC is delivering Residential Property Assessment Notices up to five months earlier than previous updates. We incorporated feedback from property taxpayers and redesigned the Property Assessment Notice. It’s easier to read and includes a clear explanation of phase-in, the valuation process, and the Ontario property assessment system.

Rolling 120-Day Request for Reconsideration Deadline – Residential Deadline is November 8, 2016 in Parry Sound/Muskoka District(s).

Changes under Bill 144 means property owners have 120 days from the issue date of their Property Assessment Notice to file a Request for Reconsideration with MPAC. This will allow us to process a number of Request for Reconsiderations before the Assessment Rolls are returned to municipalities in 2016, bringing greater stability and predictability to the property assessment and taxation system.

Advance Disclosure & Pre-Roll Consultations

Disclosure is about transparency and shared understanding. It’s our commitment to share information with property owners and stakeholders and provide fair, consistent, and accurate property valuations through a no-surprise approach. MPAC has been holding consultation sessions with municipalities, property owners, and representatives to discuss how assessment methodology is being applied to large and special purpose business properties for the 2016 Update and we have developed a three-level disclosure protocol.

A Revamped – this will be available after July 11th for Parry Sound/Muskoka District(s)

With its simplified design and improved navigation and mapping function, AboutMyPropertyTM conveniently connects property owners with their assessment. Property owners can now get information about market trends, including information on property values and percent change in their area, without having to log in. Property specific details and reports can be viewed through a secure log in. Login information for property owners is available on your Property Assessment Notice.

LLJA Annual General Meeting Sunday July 31 9:00 AM McCormick Boathouse at the top of Little Lake Joe
LLJA Cocktail Party Saturday August 6 5:00 – 7:00 PM at the Guimaraes cottage in School House Bay. Owen Barney is back with live music by popular request. Catered by Crossroads. All your family and cottage guests are welcome.
Fire rating is currently very high. NO DAYTIME BURNNG OF ANY KIND!!!
Send us your high resolution photos for next year’s Loon Call.
Wanted: Someone with a boat to deliver LLJA dock drop in mid July. We pay the gas and an honorarium!!!!