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Little Lake Joseph Association- Vision/Mission:

The Little Lake Joseph Association is a volunteer run organization of property owners on the shores of Little Lake Joseph in Seguin Township, Ontario. It is dedicated to ensuring that Little Lake Joseph remains clean, safe, and enjoyable for its residents and visitors. The Little Lake Joseph Association is member driven, managed by an annually elected Board of Directors which oversees activities such as water quality testing, annual newsletters, directories, communication vehicles, social events, and political advocacy.

The Little Lake Joseph Association is committed to ensuring that the natural beauty and cleanliness of Little Lake Joseph is preserved for generations to come while helping to ensure that its residents and visitors can enjoy their favourite activities in a respectful and cooperative manner.



SUNDAY, AUGUST 5, 2018 – 9:00 AM

McCormick Boat House – north end of Little Lake Joe, dark brown boat house with white trim…13 Jean Marie Road

Please plan to attend the LLJA AGM this year. This is an important year for Sequin property owners as it is an election year. Schedule some time to meet the candidates running to represent your interests.

With so many development issues that have the potential to affect the Muskoka Lakes, now is the time to participate, ask questions, have your voice heard and be informed before voting this fall.