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Katie’s Korner June 2017 Blog Post

Katie’s June 2017 Blog Post

“Summer has arrived! Welcome back to all the snow birds and winter city dwellers!! Rosseau will soon be hopping with new energy from summer residents, vacationers, and of course our faithful year-round residents.

In this blog, I wanted to highlight the summer hours, weekend walk-in hours, and our community and wellness room events.

Additionally, we continue to support learners and are currently hosting 2 Nurse Practitioner students (Brittany and Sue) and 1 RN student (Victoria). They will be here on rotating days through the end of July.

Hours of Operation:

The Nursing Station will continue to operate Monday to Friday by appointment only. Although the Nursing Station is open from 8:30 am -4:00 pm. Appointments are typically booked between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm to allow for administrative time. Additionally, there are no appointments available after noon on Friday.

The weekend walk-in hours will begin July 1st weekend and continue through the long weekend in September.

We are incredibly fortunate to have received enough donations to run the program this summer; however, we rely solely on donations to keep the program running as it is NOT GOVERNMENT FUNDED. Additionally, this year we WILL BE OPEN on the long weekend Mondays, thanks to the generosity of the community members.

Please check the Calendar for hours and events at the Nursing Station and in the Wellness Room.

Thank you to all the community members and Lake Associations for all your ongoing support and fundraising efforts!

What’s New!?

Exercise is Medicine is Back!! The resistance training program is based on the Diabetes Association Guidelines and suitable for ALL AGES.

Linda Sellers is a Pilates instructor and Wellness coach who has volunteered to run the program on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm -7:00 pm in the Wellness Room. The Program uses resistance bands and Weights. Last year our oldest participant was 92 and the youngest was 14. Come join us its Free! Donations are welcome to be utilized for more bands and equipment.

Linda will also be hosting a Pilates class on Monday’s at 5:30 pm-7:00 pm for a small nominal fee.

Yoga in the Wellness Room will be announced and updated on the Calendar once we know the official dates and hours.

Community Support

I wanted to give a HUGE SHOUTOUT to the Rosseau Lake College music students, lead by student Emma Clendenan, and their teacher Tracey Ramsey. In May, they hosted an incredible concert and tea, featuring piano, vocal, various string, flute and other wind instruments. The concert was held at the Anglican Church of the Redeemer with support from Peter Simmons. They raised 500 $ and the Rosseau Lake College matched that donation for a total of 1000 $, which will be utilized for our Wellness Program!

We look forward to collaborating with the College again to host future concerts to help maintain and support our community wellness programs; as well as support and encourage the incredible students and their talent!

The Rosseau Classic Cruise Show is another wonderful community event being held August 5th 10:00 am-3:00 pm at the Rosseau Waterfront. Last year the organizers held a 50/50 draw and donated the profits to the Nursing Station to support the summer hours, and wellness programs. Thanks to all the participants, organizers, and donors.

Please come out this year and support the wonderful show—and the Nursing Station!


Who does the nursing station serve?

The Nursing Station serves both year round and seasonal residents. You may access the Nurse Practitioner even if you have another primary care provider.

Katie Hogue is the full-time Nurse Practitioner and Manager of the Nursing Station. She has a full patient primary care load, and also sees seasonal and local residents who have their providers, for episodic care, such as infections, medication renewals, and acute illnesses or injuries. Unfortunately, there is no funding for another Nurse Practitioner or another health care worker, such as a nurse.

The Rosseau Nursing Station is funded by the Primary Care Branch of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. This funding is provided to ensure that the local residents have access to primary care, particularly if they do not have another provider; such as a Physician or Nurse Practitioner.

How do the weekend hours help?

For the last four years, the Nursing Station has been open on Saturdays and Sundays for the months of July and August. This has only been made possible through generous donations and fundraising efforts. The weekend extended hours are not funded by the primary care branch and therefore donations are the key to maintaining this service.

Having the weekend hours has enhanced service delivery immensely. Although we have moved to a by appointment schedule during the week, we could see most of those who would like same day appointments. Additionally, if it is a non-urgent issue, we have been able to defer to the weekend Nurse Practitioners so that we can continue to provide optimal care to our regular patients.

Throughout the month of July, we have saw between 5 -7 same day appointments throughout the week. We have opened some more same day appointments by reducing some of our longer visits during these months.

Having the extended weekend hours available has reduced the load of the primary NP by 20 patients per week which is significant! Additionally, the availability of an NP on the weekend has reduced the use of the ER for non-emergent concerns.

Where do your donations go?

All donations are earmarked for the Rosseau Nursing Station and held by the WPSHC Foundation. If you wish to donate specifically for the weekend summer hours, please specify as there is a separate account. You may also Earmark donations for the Exercise and Wellness program. All other donations are used to purchase equipment, and facilitate education programs.

Some of the recent donations not earmarked for summer hours have helped to purchase:

  • New Tru BP blood pressure cuff
  • Sit to stand ergonomic desks
  • New OTN equipment
  • Updated computer system for electronic records, and laptop for home access
  • Therabands and materials for Exercise is Medicine
  • Exercise Equipment for the new wellness program starting in the Fall

Thank you for Reading! Have a Safe and Healthy Summer!

Katie Hogue NP/Manager Rosseau Nursing Station